About me

Hi, thanks for dropping by…

I’m PR professional, Presenter, Blogger and Commercial Model based in London. My studies initially led me here from my home in the West Midlands and, after graduating with honours with a degree Media and Film, my love for the city kept me here. This website is where my love for creating content first began, inspired by the amazing city that I live in.

Ditzy is a blog where I share news and articles on some of things that interest me most, including interviews and reviews about some of the fabulous people and brands that I’ve come across. I also like to celebrate emerging and upcoming talent – mainly across fashion, film, beauty and the arts.

When I’m not blogging, I’m usually freelancing as a PR or presenter, or exploring the amazing city live in!

If you’re interested in featuring on Ditzy or if you’d like to discuss a presenting project I’d love to hear more, I also offer PR advice and services, so let’s get a conversation started to see how we can collaborate.

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Take care,

Parveen x

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