Fast Food Fashion: Love or Loathe?

Fashion trends are constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of the norm, often these boundary pushing trends are short lived, hence the word ‘trend’, but sometimes, just sometimes, trends are relived and reinvented year after year and become a classic staple in the wardrobes of the most style savvy women….and their daughters.

Incorporating everyday objects into fashion through print and accessories has seen a rising interest with the biggest fashion houses, food, books, animals and monuments, are all represented,  if Carrie Bradshaw has worn it, it must be cool right?

We have all seen the SATC movie, you know, the scene where Carrie is about to get married and Lily is carrying the cutest cupcake clutch EVER!! Food into fashion has always been predominantly pretty, usually fruit (cherries and strawberries specifically) and cupcakes make for acceptable fashion, even Roy Lichtenstein’s famous Pop Art is cool, but what about fast food?

This seasons emerging trend  arrives in the form of true prints and accessories,  move over floral’s and houndstooth, fast food is taking over our health AND our wardrobes, and the surprising thing is, it really doesn’t look that bad. Ok, a line has to be drawn with every trend, but in small doses, the fast food trend works.

Take a look at some of DITZY‘s best picks, good and bad.

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So what do you think of fast food fashion? Super yummy or past its sell by date? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @DitzyTweets

Either way, we’re sure these fast food Nike’s wouldn’t be a hit in the gym, JOG ON!!!

Nike Air Max 90 Burger SneakerSwedish designer Olle Hemmendorff

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