Sneak Peak: Vonne Couture “Sheer Fantasy” Bridal Couture Collection

Inspired by mythical Grecian goddesses, Yvonne Nwosu, creative director of Vonne
Couture, has designed a bold bridal couture collection.

The “Sheer Fantasy” collection was first showcased at the Ghana Fashion Show and
Design Week. This, in turn, bought interest from Vogue Italia who quoted:

“Vonne Couture kept a strong cobalt blue and Champagne palette, seductive sheers and laces formed the base of her intricate but simple collection*”.

The equally minimalist photo shoot, shot by LA based photographer Steve Fischer and modelled by the stunning Ify Jones, is shot on the varied sceneries of the Los Angeles streets, which complement the beautiful pieces and add a modernist edge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yvonne feels that this collection was a very important one in her career as it opened doors to a new market.

Yvonne said: “I’ve designed and made several bridesmaids dresses in the past, but this collection created a platform for me to show my talent in creating dresses that the bride herself would love to wear. It has a very magical and fairytale like aura. I’m thrilled about it, as a whole new industry has been unlocked for me to explore”.

Speaking on her new S/S collection, Yvonne says: “The collection I’m working on now is not bridal, it’s more electrifying. You may have already seen a few pieces floating around… I’m hoping the public will be just as excited to see it, as I am designing it.”

To see more of Yvonne’s work check out her website on
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