Interview: Pritt

Dubbed by BBC Asia Network as a Future Sound 2021, we caught up with Pritt, the talented Tamil beauty creating RnB fusion, soul music straight out of South London. 

Pritt thanks so much for interviewing with us, and congratulations on being featured by BBC Asian Network as Future Sound 2021, that’s huge! How does it feel?

It feels amazing and I am very overwhelmed by the love!

When did you first discover your love for music?

I have always had a soft spot for music and my parents have amazing taste in music so it’s always been ingrained in me. I’ve been singing from young so I think it’s just one of those things that feels so natural to me.

Images courtesy of Pritt.

How would you describe your sound?

Eastern meets Western R&B.

Who inspires your music?

A lot of people – my family, friends, my own experiences! I like writing honest things, I think it just allows me to get everything out before I burst. I love watching other artists’ journeys too and that helps me feel inspired and create the music itself. 

Has it been difficult coming up in the industry as a South Asian woman in an underrepresented genre?

100%! It can be disheartening and like I am being overlooked, but I’ve been more forgiving to myself and just let God do the rest. I sometimes forget that losing control can sometimes be the best reality check to keep doing me. There is a lot of responsibility as a Tamil woman and more time, I want to make my people proud, but there is always going to be something wrong along the way so I’ve taken that mentality with a lot of things. If this isn’t the way, I’ll figure out a different entrance

Congratulations on the release of Top Boy, what was the inspiration behind the lyrics? 

Thank you! My own mistake and self deprecation lol! Being hard on myself by comparing everything I do to others, feeling undervalued, feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to write something that basically normalised all the things creative people go through and remind them that life is too short and you are enough!

Your single ‘Identity’ has some pretty strong messages. You mention not having to bleach your skin and being happy with your melanin, do you think colourism is an issue in the music industry and in the South Asian culture?

Yes, 100%. It’s an old fashioned mentality but it still exists. I have chosen to ignore this the majority of the time but when I deep it, I can think of a couple opportunities that didn’t come my way because of the colour of my skin. 

South Asia still experiences a crazy amount of colourism but it is about unlearning and teaching people to look beyond ‘the fairer you are the most desirable you are’ mentality. It can be detrimental to a lot of people, I’ve seen it first hand. I only started properly sitting in the sun and enjoying getting darker in the last 2/3 years of my life and people are more outspoken now more than ever. So, colourism may get the boot if we keep going!

We love the way you introduce your culture through your fashion, how would you describe your style? 

I have no idea haha! I don’t always incorporate my culture into fashion but I definitely enjoy it. I feel like I’m claiming back younger Pritt when I used to hate wearing jewellery and sarees etc. It also makes my dad very happy! 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? 

Frank Ocean, Sid Sriram, SZA.

You’re the Founder of A Collective Soul, a platform which seeks to represent emerging artists, can you tell us a little more about how this came about? 

Sure! I wanted to create a platform that showcased underground creatives. I feel like the start of your career is the hardest part, getting that chance to showcase who you are and meet new people. When I first started out, I was alone; not a lot of people wanted to help me out or point me in the right direction, so having a place where you can network and gauge people in one space is what I wanted to create. It’s a gallery and an events platform so you can listen, mingle and look at art.

Has the pandemic influenced your sound in any way?

Not at all, I think the pandemic has allowed me to engage with my supporters and have a more intimate interaction. This pandemic has definitely helped me understand why I’m doing this and why I will continue to do this.

What’s next? Can we expect some new music in 2021?

Yep new music, collaborations and another level of newness!

That’s all folks! Make sure you keep up to date with Pritt on social! Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and stream Pritt’s Latest EP ‘Transparency’!!

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