Interview: Christopher Beales for Le Photographe

Ditzy blog interview with Christopher Beales

The SS/15 collection for Le Photographe was themed around the biblical narrative of the ‘garden of temptation’. Aesthetically the collection created depth and interest through contrast of heavy beading and tailored shapes.

Lightness and structure were key elements to each design, to build contemporary yet progressive silhouettes. Tailored jackets were seen with oversized shoulders, pencil skirts were artful and shapely and sporty dresses were elaborately draped.

Woven cottons, luxurious silks, shredded jacquard were seen alongside floral print and embroidery, woven raffia and chiffon.

The collection had a feel of modern bohemian. Evening-wear was elegant and created new boundaries for existing silhouettes.

Interview by: Parveen Devi
Photo credit: Spindle Magazine

What was your inspiration for this collection?

Well, it wasn’t one single inspiration; we approached it from a very open, free point of view. Our team brings a variety of skills to the table. For us it’s about being free and open and about exploring the silhouette. It’s about a variety of embroidery, fabrics and techniques. Then basically bringing those elements together. The tailoring and the embroidery are important for us.

Would you say that the tailoring and embroidery form part of the concept?

No, not yet, we aren’t in the stage of conceptualising yet. We’re about making formal clothes for girls and women across the board; we haven’t got that far just yet.

What kind of female, or male, do you see wearing the pieces?

Well, there’s a trouser skirt that I may be wearing in the next couple of days [laughs]. Our age range is strange because it actually covers mid twenty’s to late fifty’s. The age range has been a massive one for us, I’m not quite sure how that happened or where it came from but it’s just the way it is. We were trying to bring out the confidence of women so that they enjoy what they are wearing.

How do you create the silhouettes?

There are a lot of nipped in waists and fitted jackets, but we’ve kept it very light. It’s one of the concepts for this season, and something we’ll be doing a lot of in the future. Lightness with structure; you can build a silhouette but you keep it light.

In terms of textiles and aesthetics, how would you translate that lightness?

I guess through the cutting. That would be first and foremost – then through embroidery. One of the styles we’ve developed has a very voluminous silhouette, but it’s actually made up of very fine layers of organza. So you can still create the silhouette but it’s kept very light.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

Probably the Trouser-Skirt. She [model] feels good in it and its something a bit different. We’re always looking for something new, so why not? That’s what fashion is all about.

If you had to describe the whole collection in word, what word would that be?

The collection has been designed around the word ‘inflorescence‘. It will give you an idea of what the collection is about and what we’re about.

To view the full collection, please visit the Le Photographe website.

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