Interview: Dora Abodi

Dora Abodi SS/15 Ditzyblog interview

The futuristic tribal style of Dora Abodi’s SS/15 collection wowed at LFW.

The collection aimed to fuse classical art with ritualistic concepts and modern technological aesthetics.

The designer’s Transylvanian roots were encompassed through the dark romanticism narrative evident throughout. The stand out colour palette included; metallic royal blue, antique gold, champagne silver and transparent black. Fabrics seen included; printed silks, hand cut out leather, pearls and beading and jacquard and embroideries.

Models walked in sheer flowing dresses and skirts, structured and printed tops and skirts and heavily embellished pieces that would fall into a fantastical costume category. In all the collection was aesthetically pleasing and the movement of the pieces worked well considering the technological involvement.


Photo credit: Spindle Magazine

Interview by: Parveen Devi

What was your inspiration for this collection?

The inspiration for this was very imaginative; it was a meeting between a highly developed, science fiction character and a very ancient tribal character.

I am very interested in cave paintings – in some you can see flying saucers. So my thought process was, how could a very hi-tech character meet a very ancient and tribal character? It was a meeting of the old and new. Element’s of voodoo and religious aspects were also used.

There was also a very famous photo by Leah Gordon, where the brides were wearing horns and black clothing with fringe detail, these details were also a very important part of the inspiration for this collection.

What did you enjoy about the creative process for this collection?

This is what I enjoy the most. It’s very important to me that I start with the concept or story first. From there I like to develop the prints, leather appliqués and other fabrics. I feel that developing your own fabrics and materials makes the collection more important. I developed a lot of my own fabrics.

What kind of person could you see wearing the pieces? As a lot of the collection falls into the costume category.

It’s greatly dependent on the styling. I’ve had a very lucky year because a lot of celebrities have chosen to wear my pieces. I wouldn’t want to say that only ‘she’ can wear my pieces, it’s for everyone, anyone can become a muse. Celebrities who have worn my pieces include; Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and Trish Summerville (costume designer of the Hunger Games).

If you had to describe the collection in one word what would it be?



To view more of Dora Abodi’s work please visit her website .


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