Interview: Bernard Chandran

Bernard Chandran SS/15 Ditzyblog interview

Bernard Chandran’s  SS/15 collection ‘Venus in the Daytime’ wowed at day 2 of LFW and was designed for the ‘Urban Goddess’ – which has been greatly inspired by the classic technique of Madam Gres. Chandran used very simple cotton fabrics and turned them into beautifully ‘Greek Goddessesque’ pieces using plenty of draping and flat pleating.

Other fabrics seen were; silk jersey, leather, lace, silk and cork, to create a modernist twist to classic methods or draping and stitching. Sports luxe, varsity jackets, shift dresses with pleating detail, and in-built corsets were seen. The whole collection was ultra feminine yet held a timeless aura.

Photo Credit: Spindle Magazine

Interview by: Parveen Devi

What was your inspiration for this collection? 

My inspiration was draping, because I worked a lot with Madam Gres, I worked with her in the school I went to 25 years ago in Paris. This year I worked with her again because I wanted to do draping, especially draping and rushing for the daytime.

Did you take inspiration from other existing drapist designers, such as Roland Mouret?

No, I’ve been doing this type of design for a long time, but I just wanted to update it. Roland Mouret uses a lot of jersey, but I just wanted to use cottons as they make for fresh daytime fabrics.

What did you enjoy about the creative process for this collection?

I enjoy pushing the boundaries, it fun for me. People have often asked why I’m not more stressed, but I say, no, its what I enjoy, the whole process to create the collection is fun for me. You keep on doing what you want and feel to do. It’s only since the last two seasons that I’ve decided I wanted to do draping, and that’s my interpretation. A lot of my pieces pick up from the last season; you’ll see similar stitching and designs incorporated.

Does that mean your pieces are more wearable?

Yes, definitely. You get the same feeling from the previous season. You’ll see generations of women wearing the pieces. The pieces become classic.  

What kind of person could you see wearing your pieces?

She’s very confident, she’s not the kind of girl who is insecure. She has been prepared for years, she loves fashion day and night, so if there is a big event coming up she is already prepared. She is a person who loves fashion. I look at Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett as the kind of women who would wear these pieces.

Would you say that the people you see wearing these pieces would have a certain elegance?

Yes, very elegant, it’s not about the beauty, it’s more about the spirit.

If you have to capture this collection in one word, what word would that be?  

Fashion, that’s the word, its all about the fashion for me.

Thank you for speaking with me. Thank you too.

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