Jamie Wei Huang SS/15

amie Wei Huang LFW SS/15 Ditzyblog

Parveen Devi speaks with Jamie Wei Huang after her SS/15 collection showcase at LFW 2014.


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Jamie Wei’s SS/15 collection was showcased on Day 1 at LFW this year.

The concept of the collection drew on metaphysics and the human existence within urban society.

Jamie mixed casual elements alongside luxurious and modern designs to further instil the concept.

Silk jacquard, delicate Napa leather and Toscana sheep skin was seen on sport luxe uniform, sporty accessories and London banker themed looks. Tailoring remained simplistic.

When I asked her what her inspiration for this collection was, Jamie said:

“I was trying to do something quite different from the last autumn winter collection; it was based on the history of vintage story, but principles have really changed now.

“This season takes inspiration from the individuals in this society. Every person has their own story, so the elements I have used to create every look are about taking something that could be awful and turning it into something beautiful. So it’s more like the person themself. Creative is the most enjoyable. Even though there is so much to do, the creation of the actual design is really wonderful.”


To view the full collection, visit the Jamie Wei Huang website.

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