Interview: Vanya Taylor

All About She Vanya Taylor

All About She Vanya Taylor

Following All About She’s incredibly successful year and the release of their debut EP ‘Go Slow’, we sit down with the talented trio’s lead singer, Vanya Taylor, for a spot of girl talk.

You’ve had a busy year with your band All About She, what can we expect over the coming year?

2014 was a great year for us, but we are planning to seriously up our game for 2015. We’re really excited about our new EP, it will be inspired by the All About She house and old school garage sound, but will showcase our evolution and a more mature sound. The EP is out early next year, we’re really excited to show a wider audience what we can do!

How do you juggle being the lead singer of a band and being a mother?

I love being a mother and I love my job! I balance everything by ensuring I spend quality time with my family. But when I’m at work, I’m at work! It’s really important that I focus my energy on the music, as even the smallest distraction can hinder my creativity.

My son is a huge fan of All About She though, so it’s all good.

Do you think being a mother changes your approach to dressing? Does this effect the way you would dress for gigs with the band?

I think, as a mother you do feel a sense of responsibility with everything you do and for me that does affect how I dress. I like to feel comfortable when I’m hanging out with my son, but when I’m out with friends or my husband, I like to feel mature but still fresh and youthful.

Do you think music and fashion influence one another? If so, how?

Yes. Both music and fashion represent a specific era and time in our lives and both allow us to have another channel for expression. I think that there’s a mood to music that almost goes hand in hand with how you want the world to understand you.

The birth of hip-hop is one example. Many songs were about black people or people from under privileged backgrounds, working to rise above oppression and exclusion. With that came a strong, rebellious uniform which made people stand out together. That one, unified voice grew the genre and the look.

You always look so on trend! How much influence do you have with your wardrobe for shows?

Thank you! I have a lot of influence on what I wear. I am very emotionally connected with fashion so my outfit has to be a representation of me and my personality. I wouldn’t wear something just because it’s in fashion.

When styling for a show I usually start with the location and setting of where the performance will take place. From there I’ll send ideas for looks to my team and tell them what I like about them and what I would change. I always have a clear idea of what I want to look like so the elimination process is very quick!

Styling on a day to day usually consists of me staring at my wardrobe until something suitable pops out at me. I love Solange Knowles and Gwen Stefani’s style, I like to adapt external influences with my own personal style to make it my own.

What’s your personal style?

I’m a tomboy at heart so I always think of being comfortable first. I love a good pair of jeans, preferably ripped with a nice fitting t-shirt. If I’m feeling particularly casual one day I may dress my outfit up with a stand out lipstick, usually by MAC, my favourite shades right now are; Flat Out Fabulous, Rubywoo, Cyber and Rebel – sometimes I’ll blend shades to create a completely unique look.

What’s your favourite item of clothing or accessory, why?

Probably my long black wool coat from & Other Stories. It’s very comfortable and goes with everything, dressed up or down. I also love my simple rings that I can stack on one finger or spread across my fingers – it’s not too much for daytime and just pretty enough for the night.

For shoes, my Alexander Wang white mules were stunning in the summer, very sexy and very grown. I’d wear them everyday if I could!

And, of course, I always wear my wedding and engagement rings.

What’s your fav brand/designer right now?

I like combining high end brands, like Acne & Sandro, with high street and premium brands such as Zara, Cos or & Other Stories.

Today, for our shoot, you’re wearing ethically sourced ethnic clothing by Mayamiko Designed. What are your thoughts on ethically sourced clothing?

I think its great! Ethical and sustainable fashion offers people more employment opportunities in an environment where there may be none. It’s important to have a balance of ethically sourced clothing while other brands are feeding the ongoing demand for items considered more luxury.

What is your wardrobe must have?

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!

Vanya wears Mayamiko Designed. Visit the website to purchase products and to view the full collection.

Check out All About She’s website, or the Disturbing London website, to keep up to date on their latest music – you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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